About Us

BOCK:ARIE, is an accessories and clothing brand founded in 2019 by designer Naomi Bockarie. Derived from the notion of bringing art into everyday life, the brands first collection features unique non-animal leather bags, that can be worn in numerous ways in the one design. The design philosophy is to allow the wearer to reinterpret the design into their own and to create their own personal look that is not entirely dictated by the designer and as a result BOCKARIE designs are intended to be ever evolving.

 In its first season the brand has already gained some ground, mostly for its unique approach to accessorising, which uses the bags as a way to add individuality and interest. These high quality vegan leather utility bags can be converted into more than two to three different styles in the one product.

 With an extremely hands on approach to designing each product Naomi Bockarie likes to employ her host of skills to each process of the design phase to create every unique detail of each thought-out design. Each design is created from scratch and sampled in house in our Sydney studio, before being made else where.

The Bockarie brand hopes to awaken the market of individualising how people dress and accessorise. As it is setting the pace for what we believe will be a customisable future.